5 top tips for decorating your Christmas tree

5 top tips for decorating your Christmas tree

Nothing says Christmas more like turning up the volume on the Christmas tunes, stocking up on the mince pies and grabbing the tree decorations from the loft. Here are our top 5 tips to give you that perfectly decorated Christmas tree, unique to you.

  1. Design around a theme

Your first step is to choose your theme and colour scheme. Do you love classic colours and textures, or prefer a minimalist style? Do you like a lot of bling, or wooden tones? According to John Lewis, the top themes for 2020 all take inspiration from art movements around the world. You can tie your tree decoration theme to your room, using mantlepiece and window decorations, or even your whole house!

When it comes to a colour scheme, you can be as whacky or as traditionalist as you’d like.

Classic colour schemes:

  • Reds; warm reds, brassy tones, shades of plum
  • Golds; coppers, rich bronze, soft metallics
  • Whites; tones to mimic the snow, shimmery silvers, cool white lights

More modern colour schemes:

  • Pinks; dusky pinks, warm shimmery baubles
  • Black; bold black decorations, accented by metallics
  • Purples; rich, warm aubergine tones
  1. First steps

Place your tree in a stand, and then begin the process of spreading out your branches. Don’t rush this step – it may take a while, but it will completely change the way your tree looks and will be difficult to rectify once it’s decorated. Starting with the bottom layer and working your way up, fan out the branches in different directions, carefully straightening each tip. Stand back and survey after finishing each layer to ensure you don’t have any significant gaps.

  1. Choose your lights

A good rule of thumb when deciding how many lights to hang on your tree, is around 100 lights for every 1.5ft of tree. This is the minimum – you may want to double or triple that amount! For at 6ft-7ft tree, like our Nordmann Firs, you want to aim for 400-700 lights.

When it comes to types of lights, there is a lot of choice out there! First decide whether you want the traditional incandescent light, LED lights, or more modern pom pom lights! Then decide whether you’d like cool light tones, or warm.

You should always hang your lights on your tree before any other decorations. Start wrapping around the trunk, working your way up deep into the tree. When you reach the top, start weaving them back down, placing them more towards the edge of the branches – but not too far forward; the lights should sit closer to the trunk than decorations do. When weaving, place one bulb under a branch and the next one over a branch. Stand back, turn them on, and make any adjustments before adding other decorations.

  1. Baubles and Ornaments

Make sure you have a wide variety of textures and shapes. Start placing your core hanging decorations (those ones you usually get in large sets) deep into the tree first – don’t forget to give your favourite ornaments prime positions! You can also use a variation of sizes; cluster a mixture of large, medium and small sized baubles together. Start to layer colour evenly throughout the branches, making sure you don’t have too many of the same shade in one area. 

Dangle delicate glass baubles near the top of the tree to prevent any accidents. If you have pets, you may want to place fragile ornaments out of reach!

Ornaments hanging near the trunk of the tree will reflect your lights, creating a warm glow and that Christmas sparkle. Once complete, stand back and squint your eyes slightly so you can see where there are gaps.

  1. Finishing touches

If you’re not quite finished yet, why not add more decorations by draping garlands, beads, ribbons, bows, icicles, crackers!?

Don’t forget your topper for the cherry on the (tree) cake! For a more traditional look, place an angel or a star. But you can also add a large ribbon in the shape of a bow, or even an elf! You could also opt to make your own. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s much larger than any of your other decorations, to make that ultimate statement.

In recent years, tree skirts have grown in popularity, adding that finishing touch to your tree. They cover the base and unsightly stand of your tree, can protect your floor, catch any needles and is the perfect decorative backdrop for your presents! Choose a colour to match your theme.


Don’t forget to take all safety precautions when decorating your tree:

  • Don’t climb on the tree or overstretch to decorate, ask for help if needed
  • Check your lights to make sure there is no damage to the plug, the cable or the bulbs
  • Plug your lights in as close to the tree as possible to minimize trailing cables
  • When choosing a location for your tree, make sure it isn’t blocking a clear walkway and it isn’t near direct heat (so a good distance from a radiator or fire)

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