How to pet-proof your Christmas tree

How to pet-proof your Christmas tree

We all love a highly decorated tree, and nothing makes a cuter picture for the 'gram than your pet posing in their Christmas outfit in front of your tree! But your curious dog or cat may not always mix well with your tree. Here, we set out how to keep your pets safe around your Christmas tree.

Read on to find out how to avoid cat-astrophes and tree pupsets!

1. Set up your tree without decorations

By putting up your tree, but leaving it bare for a few days, your pet will be able to get used to the idea of the tree without the added issue of it interacting with decorations. This will also allow your pet to get bored of the tree before you decorate.

2. Determine where to put your tree

You should think about where you'll place your tree in your living room or communal area if you have pets. You may wish to place your tree away from your pet's 'launching zones' e.g. away from a sofa, in order to make sure they don't have a great launch pad to jump onto your tree from!

3. Be mindful when you start to decorate

Think about your decorations and ornaments if you have a pet in your home. Dangling lights can be tempting chew items for pets. Try to place them out of reach, and always turn the lights off when leaving your pet unattended. Leave your bottom branches free of ornaments, baubles and lights - especially if they're fragile. You should also secure cords leading to and from the tree.

4. Create your own alarm

You can create your own 'alarm' on your tree to alert you if your pet is nosing around it. Simply tie a bottle filled with beans on the bottom limbs of your tree. The 'alarm' will alert you when your pet is near, and allow you to intervene if they're getting too close.

5. Tempting treats

Make sure not to hang food off your tree, and if any of your presents under your tree contain tempting treats - your pet will sniff them out! You may want to wait until Christmas day before adding your presents under your tree.

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