Taking care of your Nordmann Fir Christmas tree

Taking care of your Nordmann Fir Christmas tree

The Nordmann Fir (your tree) is known for being low-maintenance and for retaining the majority of its needles. 'Low needle drop' Nordmann Fir trees will stay looking strong right through Christmas with the right care and attention.

When it arrives

Your tree will arrive already cut. As soon as you receive your tree, cut the netting straight away to give your branches time to settle. Shake the tree outside to remove any loose foliage or insects. You can also bang the bottom of the tree trunk on the ground to remove any dead needles.


You will need to buy a stand for your tree. We have been advised by your tree farm that the best brand for a stand is Cinco who have different stands dependent on tree size. We recommend the Cinco 7 Classic Tree Stand which you can purchase from Amazon or other retailers. Don't forget, you can re-use this stand every year.


You may be surprised how much water your tree will drink. The good thing about the Cinco stand is you can pour your water straight from a jug into your stand and it will feed the tree. You just need to keep that water supply topped up. Experts reveal the average Christmas tree can drink up to 1-2 litres of water a day! Check the water level daily — it should always cover the cut end of the trunk. If your room is warm, it may need more water.

Remember: always keep your tree in a cool, dry space, away from radiators or fires. Trees are a fire hazard.

And remember to turn off your lights before going to bed.

Next steps

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