What happens after collection?

What happens after collection?

Our drivers work hard to collect your tree from your driveway, doorstep or street in early January. This service usually happens overnight; so all you need to do is leave your tree outside and when you wake up in the morning it will have disappeared! But what happens next?


Did you know that real Christmas trees have a carbon footprint of 16kg CO2 when they end up in landfill? But an average artificial tree is made of plastic which comes from oil, this accounts for two thirds of its carbon footprint. Here at Fraser, we wanted to provide a way of enjoying a real Christmas tree, whilst having a positive impact on the planet. After collecting your tree, we recycle it. Your tree is recycled at a specialist recycling centre and then sent to farms as fertiliser.


We also plant a tree on your behalf. To do this, we work with Eden Projects. Like Eden, we are concerned about the devastating effects of deforestation - especially as the areas affected by deforestation are usually poverty-stricken. When we plant a tree on your behalf following collection of your tree, Eden begin the process by hiring people in local communities to plant your tree, giving them the ability to provide for their families.

The workers collect seeds from nearby forests and use a variety of planting methods such as singling or farmer managed natural regeneration, seed balls, seedling nursery, bare root transfers, and mangrove propagule planting. The projects only plant native species trees, and never introduce invasive species. 

We are proud to work with Eden on this project - Eden has so far planted more than 650 million trees around the world in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Honduras. And, by purchasing a tree from Fraser this Christmas, you can help too.

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