We sell, deliver, and collect Christmas trees.

We are a small family-run business, All parts of Fraser are run by members of the family, and we hope that brings a personal touch to your experience.

When it comes to trees, we make your Christmas hassle-free and environmentally friendly. There’s so much to look forward to at Christmas, and so much to do. Christmas trees squarely fall into that category. They’re big, heavy, and have a carbon footprint of 16kg CO2 when they end up in landfill. So much of Christmas is about life. They may be inconvenient, but without the smell and touch of a real tree, the festive spirit goes down a notch. So we make it really convenient for you to enjoy Christmas in its fullest - with the best looking tree in your living room and a positive impact on the planet.

You can purchase your Nordmann Fir from Fraser by clicking here.

Purchasing a tree from us means you also receive tree collection, and your tree is recycled in January.

Working with your local farm, we deliver your Christmas tree to you on Friday 10th December, between 7am - 9pm. You will get a delivery slot on the day and will be able to track the delivery.

Take a look at the homepage for a map of our delivery radius.

We are planning to deliver to more areas, so if you'd like us to deliver to your area, please let us know by emailing support@frasertrees.co.uk.

We will collect your tree from Jan 6th, the Twelfth day of Christmas. We will give you an exact date closer to the time.

What if I'm not home for collection?
You don't need to be home for collection. We will collect them overnight and all you need to do is leave them outside your building or home.

If you've already purchased your tree, but need some help with collecting, you are able to purchase a 'collection only' service. We will collect your tree from your driveway, doorstep or street on 6th January. Please note, with the collection only service, neither the tree or delivery is included.

What if I'm not home for collection?
You don't need to be home for collection. We will collect them overnight and all you need to do is leave them outside your building or home.

You get the UK’s most popular tree - the Nordmann Fir.

Your tree will be just over 6 foot. As we’re dealing with mother nature, the exact size is a bit of a surprise.

We work with farms across the country but your tree will come from a farm close to your home.

We will leave your Christmas tree where you told us to leave it in the event that you weren’t home. If you did not specify a place, we will leave it wherever it seems most suitable to us on the day. Feel free to email us support@frasertrees.co.uk to let us know your safe place, quoting your order number.

Unfortunately not, our service is a doorstep delivery service.

We will be leaving your tree inside your property, on the ground floor. If this is an apartment building, we'll need you to be at home to buzz us into the building. If it will be very difficult for you to collect it from the ground floor, please email us support@frasertrees.co.uk.

You will need to buy a stand for your Christmas tree. We recommend the Cinco 7 Classic Tree Stand which you can purchase from Amazon here, as well as other retailers. Don't forget, you can re-use this stand every year.

Our Christmas trees are cut, which means they do not need as much care as potted trees. You will still need to give it quite a bit of water though. You should be able to do this in your stand. Read our tips for taking care of your tree.

Keep it wherever you like, but away from a heat source e.g a fire or radiator. Christmas trees are a fire hazard.